Therapy and Mindful Yoga Services for Adults

Psychotherapy- $120 for 60 minutes

Erin offers therapeutic services, addressing various life challenges including stress, anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, and PTSD for adults. She blends yoga, mindfulness meditation, somatic (body based) techniques, wellness coaching, and traditional talk therapy to help create an opportunity for her clients to learn new ways to regulate their nervous system and work through past traumatic or stressful and painful experiences. Erin's goals is to create a trauma informed, safe place to build a relationship with her clients, and works in partnership to find ways that are effective and personalized for each person she sees.

Mindful Yoga Session for Stress Reduction: $90 for 50 minutes

Mindful Yoga Stress Reduction sessions use ancient yoga principals and techniques combined with recent neuroscien to heal a variety of imbalances, focusing on stress reduction and holistic balancing through breathing, movement, and some talk.

"Find a place inside where there is joy, and the joy will burn out the pain." -Joseph Campbell